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>> not he everyone is upset by the snow. this adorable dog taking on a snow blower in a battle of wills. >> the machine is relentless throwing snow in the dog's face. >> mike: in the end the doggy waves a white flag, surrendering and runs for cover. fun for a while. >> alisyn: now, nature versus, i don't know what that was. >> tucker: tomorrow, we have dr. ben carson and stood up at the prayer breakfast and gave the president a piece of his mind. >> alisyn: see you then. >> a fox news alert, a monster m storm leaving its mark. from maine to massachusetts and you can see the blinding snow and this storm is not over yet.
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good morning, everyone, i'm kelly wright. >> i'm jamie colby, welcome brand new hour, inside america's news headquarters, right now, five states remain under a state of emergency and there are hundreds of thousands of people without power. they're preparing to dig out from under more than two feet of snow, connecticut first seeing the most accumulation, and all major shut down citi hour, massachusetts getting battered with more than 20 inches of snow and the winds, they hit hurricane force level, reaching more than 75 miles per hour overnight and back here in new york, the honk island expressway at a stand still and crews working to clear hundreds of cars that got stranded in the snow. anna kooiman is live in new york central park with the latest and there people are enjoying, but certainly, it was a tough night, anna. >> reporter: absolutely. you've got that right. waking up to a winter wonderland after dealing with a real mess last night and into the overnight.
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good morning to you, good morning to everybody. 30 million people across the northeast dealing with a foot of snow or more and 11 million people according to the national weather service dealing with two feet or more, here in central park and enjoying 11.4 inches and upped their snow totals. only one storm related death to report. that happened in upstate new york, travel bans are still in effect in massachusetts and connecticut. and this travel ban in boston, the first time they've dealt with one like this, since the infamous blizzard of 1978. people in new york, saying hundreds of cars have gotten stuck on the long island expressway getting stranded and some drivers that chose to get out on the roads are frustrated and others chose to hunker down and they're waking up to a winter wonderland. >> we were going to drive out to the country, but we stayed here now and such a great day to be in the park with the dog. >> we'll get out later with the saucers, the sleds and remember what it's like to be
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six again. >> reporter: over 650,000 power outages and most of those are in massachusetts and rhode island, not as bad in new york and new jersey and connecticut. you know, jamie, it's been a mild winter so far and this caught some folks off guard and you see a lot of people enjoying this weather here. but you know, other people they learn their lesson following superstorm sandy and hunkered down and topped off the gas tanks and got all sorts of supplies and food and nonperishables and enjoying the day. back to you. >> you're exactly right. preparation was key. thanks so much, kelly. >> well, we're getting new information on near historic snowfall totals and the storm is not over, it's churning for another couple of hours and rick reichmuth is live outside our studios, the good thing you can say about this, it happened going into a saturday, a weekend. >> certainly that helps for folks, you don't have to be on the roads going to work and that's the only real positive of it. the images you're seeing in central park there with anna looking pretty good, however, if you go around 40 miles
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piece of here, that's where it was mayhem and we saw some snowfall accumulating at the rate of about 6 inches an hour and then stranded a ton of cars out on the lie and abandon the cars and they're stuck out there. take a look at the weather maps, where we saw the worst of it. new york city at 11.4 inches and go a little off towards the east and we're pushing the 30 inch rain and 38 inch total in milford, connecticut, 35 in tollland and portland maine, boston, you're at 21.4, our 6th snowiest storm ever and we still have snow and i think we'll get in the top five. the last little band and the snow will exit the coast around noon. the next few days are crucial here. today we have a very cold day in store, temps are not going to rise above freezing so there's no significant melting at all and tonight, temps plummet and talking in the
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single digits for almost everyone and not below zero and it's going to be feeling like the minus teens for so many people and for the 650,000 plus people who don't have power, a very, very cold night. now, across the area, this is today's high temperatures, see the cold colder air to new england and tomorrow, above freezing and headed into the day on monday, we have another system comes in, but it's going to be a warmer one and we'll talk about rain and cause melting ever the snow and temps in the 40's for new york city and boston and that's a welcomed sight. i want to quickly tell you, kelly, there's another storm across the west, another impact for another part of the population and the four corners area and tonight and tomorrow it it moves in towards the northern planes and we have another this one across the northern plains and the snow causing white-out conditions. and the exact system pulls into the southern plains and a
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threat for tornado activity today across parts of texas and oklahoma and tomorrow, transitions to the east and southeast texas including houston and all of louisiana headed over to jacksson, mississippi and right around tuscaloosa, alabama and the breakoff point. severe weather today and tomorrow and another blizzard and i hate to say it, possibly, the models indicating another storm for thursday, a bit of a northeaster potentially impactings the northeast. >> winter rearing its ugly head and for those people we hope they can find shelter from the cold. >> well, the blizzard created a travel nightmare, millions of people affected in the northeast and in massachusetts as we were hearing, there was a driving ban declared friday, that's still in effect. in rhode island, i-95 and other closed to traffic until further notice and then there are the rails. metro north and shoreline east train service suspended in connecticut, amtrak canceling
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service for the asecela and boston. and stranding air travelers across our country. airlines canceling more than 5300 flights through today. connecticut's bradley international airport still closed, boston's logan airport technically open, but no flights scheduled to leave. it's a good idea of course to check with your carrier before you leave home no matter what airport you're going to. >> alisyn: the blizzard of 2013 leaving hundreds of thousands of people shivering in the dark, approximately 650,000 homes and businesses are without power and heat from new jersey to maine. in hard hit, massachusetts, for example, about 400,000 customers are now without power. in rhode island, more than 187,000 are waking with no lights at all and no power and in connecticut, over 36,000 customers don't have electricity. >> it's really appreciate the size of this blizzard, you've got to take a look at the photo, taken from space last
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night. be look at this image, how huge this storm was, from the satellite orbitting the earth at a distance of 22,000 miles, showing two massive systems colliding, and when they did, this is what they got on the ground. here are some new and amazing pictures from across the northeast, this is from hadley, massachusetts this morning, a thick blanket of snow covering a fire hydrant and a car, i think you can tell that. the shot from boston, a row of snow covered cars in the south end neighborhood, reports of more than two feet there and snow still falling in boston at this hour and check out this picture from sea cliff, new york, a man trying to dig out from mounds with his snow blower and they are busy today. but we'd love to see your pictures or video of the storm, you've got to take them safely, but if you have some amazing images, e-mail them to us at the address on your screen, and don't forget to give your name and location and throw in a brief description, too, what we're looking at. as we get those today, anytime, we're going to get
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some of them on the air. >> fox news alert right now, the manhunt for an accused cop kill ner cer in california is intensifying, christopher dorner, expanding to arizona, nevada and northern mexico and the 33-year-old police say already killed three people and has a hit list of dozens more and investigators tell us he's apparently out for revenge after the lapd fired him a few years ago, according to investigators, donorer shot and killed the daughter of a former l.a. police captain and her fiance in irvine, california and ambushed three police officers thursday in riverside killing one of them. police say he also fired at two cops who pulled him over in corona, grazing one officer's head and we're also learning police are guarding more than 40 targets, the accused killer mentioned in a
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manifesto. dominic di-natale joining us from big bear lake, california a search, a manhunt conducted for this man. dominic, us? >> well, let's come back to the 40 people who are being protected absolutely because they can't find him here on big bear lake, they're concerned he could be actually down the mountain and somewhere else entirely potentially going after those specific targets and that's really one of the main efforts that are taking place today. we've got some more details with regard to the first victim. monica kwan, a memorial for her we hear tomorrow and we understand that already that her former high school is being holding some form of memorial yesterday for her, but tomorrow, it's something more formal. her team cal state fullerton college, they are playing at three o'clock this afternoon, we believe they actually might be doing something there as well and of course, everybody's gathering and preparing for both her funeral and that of her fiance as
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well, keith lawrence, she was 26, he was 27, very young people, very tragic. let's come back to here in bear lake today, sun is up now and clear skies, none of the hideous snow which means patrols can actually now go out and we see more police officers turn up today, an extra 24 deputies around apparently on top of the efforts and i'm sorry, on top of the teams we've seen out there, tactical teams back on top of the mountain and apparent apparently dressed in camouflage and very worried if he is up here, dorner could be laying in ambush and could be ready to attack them and yet again, no confirmation from the authorities, they don't have that themselves so the search will continue in earnest. >> dominic, quite an intense search going on and as dominic mentioned dorner is the dangerous suspect at the least
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because of tactical and firearms training he gained from his time in the u.s. navy and los angeles police department. he may also be armed to the teeth, we understand. we'll speak to a former d.c. detective about this very case and how s.w.a.t. teams at the least are going to find him. >> also an important programming night you might be wondering what the heck are we doing here. well, the weather and storm moved the cost of freedom shows today to a special time, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. eastern, we would not let you miss it. >> and new concerns for the next generation of american citizens, a growing number of people feel the effects of our great recession may never go away, despite claims of an economic he recovery. >> plus, we have new details on a new multi-billion dollar missile defense system, why it's raising some eyebrows among top military officials. >> and there are new concerns about looming defense budget cuts we have been talking about them and we'll speak with retired army major general about that, reducing
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military spending when many of our enemies are starting to build their strength and outgoing secretary of defense, leon panetta is sounding the alarm. >> make no mistake, if these cuts happen there will be a serious disruption in defense programs and a sharp decline in our military readiness. sometimes what we suffer from
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icht. >> mike: welcome back, everybody, a quick check of the headlines. new questions whether a multi-million dollar system in europe can serve the purpose of protecting u.s. and iranian missiles. highlighting major problems with the plan. and our first lady, michelle obama is joining the chicago community having to say farewell to a 15-year-old shooting victim she's performed during the president's inauguration, killed days later by a stray bullet in a suspected gang dispute. a 15-year-old pakistani girl survived being shot in the head by the taliban released from the london hospital. usefy will continue rehabilitation in birmingham, england.
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it's a miracle. >> some new perspective on the current state of the economy right now. according to the bureau of economic analysis since the end of the recession in 2009 the u.s. economy has grown 7.5%. compare that to double digit growth in other post recession periods and it appears that president obama has presided over the weakest economic recovery since world war ii. this as a new fox news poll shows 52% of americans believe the worst is yet to come. that's up from 48% just a year ago. let's bring in our political panel, angela mcglowan and a former spokesperson for vermont gosh howard dean who is also a presidential candidate. ladies, thanks for joining us, look, there's a lot of pessimism right now as we're seeing right now, a degree of uncertainty amongst the american people and why do you think that is when we're seeing that the economy shall at least our unemployment rate dropped to below 8%.
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>> americans, americans are suffering, kelly. i mean, people today, most don't believe in the american dream anymore, most don't believe they can obtain a house or even keep their house, most are living from paycheck to paycheck, if they have a job and more americans are living on government assistance. now, is that the fault of the obama administration? is it the fault of congress? or is it the fault of the american people? we elected these people in office, and we reejected obama and his policy has failed us, kelly. we don't know what the middle class is today because the middle class continues to shrink. >> christy, what i hear angela saying and i don't want to put words in her mouth, but when you point an accusing finger at someone you've got four fingers pointed back at you. is it the american people's fault we're in the state that we're in. >> if the economy were a person, someone who had a life threatening ailment, made a miraculous recovery and still has a little bit after nagging
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cough. i absolutely agree that the economy, the growth is by historical perspectives, but at the same time a ton of positive signs all around. one is that the stock market is at its highest levels or near highest levels in five years and consumer confidence is still fairly high and we've yet again revised the jobs numbers in the last few months which means that we're basically creating about 150,000, $200,000 jobs a month and that's actually pretty good. >> what types of jobs are those? the bottom line is, you have college students graduating today, they can't obtain gainful employment so they can't pay back their student loans and we still have the high home foreclosures and when i say, kelly that the american people are at fault, for us, the president works for us. harry reid has not passed a budget in three years and we want to raise the debt limit yet again and washington d.c. is spending money like dunken sailors. >> let me stop for a moment. i want to interject something,
7:22 am
you're talking about the spending problem. i want to bring up another poll about the spending problem. check this out. recently took, president obama says the government doesn't have a spending problem and we ask the american people that we sample what do they think? 83% says yes, it does have a spending problem and 14% say, it doesn't. well, those 14% might be extremely well off or maybe their head is in the sand and they don't see the need, the economic needs of the american people. christy, what say you about this? do we have a spending problem? and why can't the obama administration admit that. >> we have a spending problem and what we need to do is careful investors in the economy and they say again and again and anytime tell them yes, there should be a careful balances of tax cuts and spending. >> and what we've seen for the republican party is cut, cut, cut. the fact is that's true. with the tea party economics plan seems to be let's cut
7:23 am
jobs to somehow create jobs. you can't cut jobs. >> christy, insanity is doing something over and over again-- >> and the economy, just doesn't take sense. >> insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting the same results. we cannot tax our way to prosperity. we cannot spend our way to prosperity. >> cut our way to prosperity, angela. >> and invest in companies that are going bankrupt. >> angela and christy, where can we find the agreement? the problem that we have is we apparently cannot find any agreement on capitol hill between congress and of course the white house and the president and we can't find any agreement with the political divide along partisan lines and we're faced with the partisan paralysis in dealing with the economy. >> and where can we find a common bond and cut spng where we need to. >> washington d.c. is broken, kelly and dysfunction aal until members of congress do their
7:24 am
job instead of their ego and getting reelected, until the president comes to the fold and compromises, we will get worse with the economy and jobs. >> christy. >> i think that's one area where american people do agree, that congress is broke he p. another is another area i think we also agree, we need to address income inequality and need to address inequality and we have the greatest gap between the rich and poor in a hundred years and what we need to do is grow the middle class and that's why president obama has suggested measures like taxing the rich just a little bit more and-- >> and we don't grow the middle class. >> so that we can grow the middle class that way. >> and we don't grow that middle class by taxing people more. more people are seeing more money taken out of their paychecks, since the new obama-- >> that's not true. >> ladies, ladies, christy and angela. >> tlove you both, but we've got to go. >> good to be here. >> thank you. good to have you, thanks for your perspectives. >> great.
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>> so we want to give you a preview of an exclusive news, fox news sunday interview, chris wallace sitting down with house minority leader nancy pelosi to talk gun control and chris asking her whether it's time to confront hollywood over violence in movies, listen. >> why don't you go to your friends in hollywood and challenge them, shame them and say, shock it off? >> i think that whatever we do, when you tell them about evidence based, we have that throughout our proposal, in other words, we don't want to just be anecdotally writing bills. >> now, there's so much more in the exclusive interview with minority leader pelosi and arizona senator john mccain will join chris and tune into fox news sunday and check your local listing. >> i look forward to seeing that. in the meantime, the snow is falling in a lot of of different places as millions wake up to the aftermath of a historic storm and it's not over yet, folks. hundreds of thousands are without electricity as we speak, five states now under emergency declarations and some people are not even
7:26 am
allowed on the roads. we'll tell you where help is needed. >> that's to their own good, also, new insight on the ex-rogue cop on the run. heavily armed and trained and out there somewhere, we'll talk about how police will track him down. . >> the possibility exists that he is here somewhere in the forest and so we're going to keep looking as the sheriff said until we determine that he is-- he's not here. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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